Legally Mine is a company that specializes in providing legal solutions and strategies to help individuals and businesses protect their assets from potential lawsuits and legal challenges. They offer a range of services including entity structuring, asset protection, tax planning, and risk management, among others. Legally Mine works with clients across various industries, including healthcare, real estate, finance, and entrepreneurship, to identify potential legal risks and provide customized solutions to mitigate them. Their goal is to help clients safeguard their wealth and achieve financial peace of mind by utilizing legal tools and strategies.


"We signed on with Legally Mine about 6 months ago. After reading some negative reviews I was somewhat skeptical but my experience with their team of experts has been outstanding. They put together an asset protection plan and a family trust for us. This is a process that takes some time and they have walked us through ever step. The attorneys we have met with over the phone have explained the documents they created and answered our questions. Every phone meeting that was made was kept. I would without hesitation recommend this company."

Edward Bickmeyer

"I was introduced to Legally Mine at one of my specialty conferences. I'm very happy that I signed up. They have done everything they promised and are very responsive to all my questions and concerns. I have already saved significantly more money on taxes than I paid for my membership."

Vlad Gendelman

"The legally Mine team has been extremely helpful with every step of the way in wealth protection and legal advice. They are always part of our team with every important decision. I have and will continue to recommended then to my colleagues and friends."

Jacob Haiavy

"I signed up with legally mine about three years ago and I have been able to sleep better with peace of mind ever since. This is an amazing company and if you do what they tell you to do it will pay for itself. Don’t wait, do it now!"

Larry Nelson

"Legally Mine has really helped simplify all the ventures my husband and I are involved in. They have been invaluable for quick questions or helping direct us to who can help us for different matters. The Legally Mine team communicates with our accountants as well as our financial planner which makes our lives easier. They have also been helpful in educating legal benefits of entities. I definitely get value from their services."

Brinda Navalgund

"Excellent legal advice and knowledge about shielding assets from legal seizure. Excellent document product and ancillary documentation that meets the needs of busy professionals."

Lee Beville

"Legally Mine has been a Godsend. They have been wonderful to work with as they have helped and guided me immensely. They are an AMAZING TEAM!!"

Chestine Toth

"The staff and services of Legally Mine are far and away superb in all elements. Our association has thoroughly enjoyed partnering with Legally Mine to bring awareness to our members about issues that most never considered before. Highly recommend working with the top notch people that make up Legally Mine."

Derek Leffert

"I have been with Legally Mine for a couple of years. I just bought another investment property in another state. I forgot to call them for about a week and was going through all the legal stuff on my own. I almost backed out because of all the legal stuff. Then I remembered and called. They handled everything. So great. Always pay the annual subscription. They are fantastic."

John Ballantyne

"We have been working with Legally Mine since March of 2019, it was an investment my wife and I couldn't walk away from. We both needed to protect our family's legacy, assets as we continue to build our wealth. Legally Mine has assists us every step of the way, even answering the "dumb" questions to help us understand. I recommend them..."

Keith Williams


"It is by far the best job I’ve ever had! The people are so friendly and excepting. Management is excellent about making you feel valued. The employees treat you like friends. I will stay for as long as they’ll accept me. I would recommend employment at Legally Mine for anyone who is motivated and looking for a fun, caring atmosphere."

Current Employee

In my experience, I can honestly say this is the only company (I've been with) that truly shows appreciation for their employees. They are flexible and understand life outside the office. The employee benefits are incredible. All of management have an open door, including the owner. They promote within the company and host monthly events. For me, this has been the best company I have ever worked for."

Current Employee